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Red Dead Online Updates We Know Rockstar Are Working On

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Red Dead Online is back at its "Dead" phase. Players really hoped for a new major Red Dead Online Update alongside Outlaw Pass 5 which didn't happen and now we need to wait at least a month and a half for the next major RDO Update. In this time players start speculating what will be coming next to the game but there's already a lot we know about updates that Rockstar are working on.

Red Dead Online Updates We Know Rockstar Are Working On

Players love hating on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online because of the lack of content. We are scheduled 2 major Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Updates per year, one sometime in the summer and one towards the end of the year, in December. This was always the plan from Rockstar. Some people believe with this update cycle that the whole Rockstar studio work solely on just the next major RDR2 Online update, release it and then start working on the next update. It does not work like this! Instead, there are many smaller teams at Rockstar that are working on updates for the next Red Dead Online update but there's also small teams working on updates that will be released a year from now. So in this Red Dead 2 Online video, we are going to be looking at updates that we know Rockstar are working on because they've pushed content to the game already, they've hinted at it in articles or they've directly said this content will be coming out.

Despite this being updates that we know Rockstar Games are working on, just remember these updates aren't guaranteed to be coming anytime soon. Some of what we talk about in this video, is major Red Dead Online DLC that can take years to develop. We also have to bare in mind that anything can happen behind closed doors, so even though we know Rockstar Games are working on this RDR 2 Online content, at any moment they can kill the project or iterate it to be something else. This is just a fun video, where we look to future content.

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