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Historical Accuracy of Fishing in Red Dead Online

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A topic close to my heart! Today I'm taking a look at the historical accuracy of fishing in Red Dead Online. Special thanks to John Stephenson over at Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques for the research assistance! For this week's topic I've dug into American and British newspaper archives from the 1800s, as well as the 1898 Sears & Roebucks catalog, government documents and a variety of vintage books- in particular, 'Book of the Black Bass' by James Henshel.

Topics include: Historical fishing rod materials; Historical accuracy of collapsible rods; Cost of rod, reel, and rigged line; Accuracy of lures; Cost of lures; Analysis of historical fish prices compared to RDO; Casting animation oversights; Reel oversights; Reflection on RDO's fishing experience.

I made an entire series on the historical accuracy of things in Red Dead Online, so be sure to check out the entire playlist:

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