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Rockstar RUINED The Game In Today's NEW Red Dead Online Update (RDR2)

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Rockstar RUINED The Game In Today's NEW Red Dead Online Update (RDR2) SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! Usually on a Tuesday we would be discussing the good news of new Red Dead Online dripfeed content like new clothing, new Legendary Animals and other new content and so much more but this week Red Dead online is CURSED. Rockstar ruined Red Dead Online with their new Title Update 1.21 which was supposed to address the many bugs and glitches that cam eiwth the Naturalist update. Despite Red Dead Online animals in free roam and dynamic events being fixed with the Naturalist update, there was still work for Rockstar to do in regards to a bunch of other problems. 2 weeks later, clearly shouldn't be a rushed update to fix problems, they introduced a new Red Dead Online update that totally broke the game more than we could have ever imagined. This is insane and I will be spending today copy and pasting your feedback to Rockstar. If you would like to do so yourself, catch the Red Dead online update feedback linked below but otherwise, I would love to know everything you are going through in regards to this game. Rockstar is so sloppy when it comes to even addressing problems with the community and when they do, they just say the game is broke. Like no duh, whats your gameplan on solving these issues? They cannot even give us an estimated window, most likely because they don't even have one in mind. Its so sad and pathetic. Sorry for the negative video today folks. Us Red Dead players need some positive news this week.

Red Dead Online Update feedback

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NEW Red Dead Online Update Title Update 1.21 Support Article

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